Relevant Persuits

study and painting in progress

When I begin a painting I draw inspiration from the birthplace of where my ideas become real-my sketch books or  my collection of small ink drawings.  Not only do I search for images and merge them with color palettes that I find fascinating, but I find a way to make the product of my pursuit relevant.  Regardless of  how many times it changes, my process is one that I am proud to own. I keep the visual emphasis  of each work within the bounds of simplicity so that there is room for interpretation outside  the realm of my own analysis. Aside from composing specific color relationships, my paintings often depict  figures, faces, and birds. The inclusion of these elements reoccur because of the specific meaning they have for me. For instance to me birds  have always embodied the spirit of freedom and limitless potentiality-something that I strive to achieve  in my practice and my personal life.



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