I’m Invincible

People often ask me “how do you do it?” referring to the fact that I am a father of two boys and still manage to make time to make art. Honestly I have absolutely no idea how I do it. Quite frankly my wife and I are both full time working professionals who do it all without even blinking. Soccer, T-ball, the zoo, homework, pack lunches, give baths, laundry, cook dinners, clean the house, change diapers and so on. Somehow we manage to make time for one another because we must. We remind ourselves that this all had a beginning. So we make the effort to go back to that place. But don’t get me wrong it’s not always blue skies and apple pies- it’s hard work.  When I was a kid things felt much slower paced.

Duke Napping at 8 months 

There was usually a parent who stayed home with the children while the other parent went out an earned the wages for the family. There was a clear divide. A division of labor so to speak. These days everyone is out there trying to make a living. I don’t think I know anyone who is a parent who’s significant other stays home to run the family. In the case of my art practice, I just need to make art, period. It validates me. It’s not about creating a legacy or even the pursuit of fame but rather enjoying the journey. A journey in which I’m leaving a trail of ideas and moments through imagery. Being a parent has opened my eyes in a whole new way. It’s given me renewed purpose. It’s really hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. I’ve been blessed with a second and third life though them. For the past five and a half years I ‘ve been walking around with a cape. To my boys, I am superman. That makes me invincible. My oldest, who is five, spends a lot of time with me in my studio and on art outings. He helps me prime canvas, set up merch tables, and even passes me nails when I frame paintings.. At his own pace he absorbs the surroundings that this lifestyle provides and creates his art on his own terms. When the kids are in bed and my better half has settled in, I stretch out get to work. I show up and do the thing that propels me forward. I don’t wait around to be inspired or swoon over artists who I’d like to emulate- I simply get to work. It’s not a job but a journey. On this journey, my family will always be along for the ride and for that I am forever grateful.


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