Do What You Love, Love What You Do


FullSizeRender (4).jpg

One of things I’ve been enjoying about this ride is hearing all of the positive words that come from friends and family. Whether it be in person,  at an opening, through a text message, or a comment on Facebook, I can’t deny that “feel good” vibe that’s been creeping in. For me, my family is what matters the most in this world. I like to think that my efforts as an artist are a reflection of what those two boys and beautiful girl mean to  me. In these past few weeks I’ve turn on the television and have seen more and more instances of divide and destruction happening all around. Has the world become a more dangerous place or has technology changed the way we are all perceiving these present times? Lets’ not forget that at some point we were all children. Little creatures who were inherently pure, kind, and creative. At some point along the way the rest of the world began to exist. But compassion remains a strong virtue inside  us all does it not? My parents raised my sisters and I on the belief that hard work and a good heart would take you far. I continue to believe this.  For now, I hold my children a little tighter while they are still children and teach them as my parents taught me. To touch others with your heart and keep the exchange of ideas with others in your ritual. I woke up one day and decided that I was an artist. This is the vehicle through I express my experiences. The current state of the world won’t revert that fact but it might render its implications. Do right by my family and continue to  do what I love. So long as I am able, that is what I intend to keep on doing.


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