Show and Tell

Bird Face Process.jpg

It’s the end of October and I find myself preparing for an upcoming showcase. The organization hosting the event found my work through social media and expressed their interest  on more than one occasion. I turned the opportunity down once, then a second time before I finally said yes. At this showcase I will exhibiting  work in a very unfamiliar setting. It will take place in a music hall designed for dance and musical performances. At this event there will be am myriad of creative people all working in tandem to put on a spectacular experience. My history of showing work has yet to involve me being a direct seller of my work. At this showcase that is exactly what I will be doing. I will have a “merch” like setup. I will be in a unique position to meet people who visit my booth and introduce my work to them.preview-4.jpg Cultivating the ability to listen to what people think, feel ,and say about my work is something that I have been crating over the past few months. I am always fascinated to hear what people have to say about what it is that I am doing. Is it familiar? Is it exciting? Is it new? Does it have value? Are they willing to pay the price of fine art as determined by me, the creator of the work? Sales are always nice but for now they are few and far between. The real reward comes when I get to meet people who are brave enough to say hello. The people who are interested in art and are willing to share their perspectives. If there is an anecdotal angle from which I can bring the person closer to the art then I will certainly engage them from that place. A certain driving emotion or inspiration that led to the creation of a piece is a way of laying it all bare for anyone who has the potential to become a collector. If they have the perfect space and the budget to go forward then why not give them an opportunity make it theirs. People like nice things. A piece of art is a nice thing. When I’m in the studio, I have the advantage of being in a solitary environment which lends itself to the construction of an inner dialogue between me and the work. Being out in the open changes that dynamic completely. What I find myself doing more and more through these opportunities to show work is being able to create the exposure necessary to enable these conversations to take place. I may encounter someonetop-banner.jpgI’ve never met before who’s interested in my work and decide to turn that initial encounter into a relationship. Each exchange contributes to the building of the next. I just recently met a community organizer who encountered my work at group show and is now interested in bringing me on  as a consultant for his non-profit.Before i said yes, i said yes. The project will not require a lot of time or effort on my part nor will there be any monitory benefits . I will benefit from the experience of having said yes. I welcome the opportunity to share and promote my work through these encounters. I welcome the opportunity to share my story so that it may become a part of someone’s else’s. So stop by and say hello. I promise I’ll bite and make it worth your while. For more information regarding the RAW showcase please visit


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