Beginning Again

Always Blessd contemplates the next step in our First Class Cutz skylight mural

So it’s been a little over a year now since I decided to ramp up my art production and put myself out there. I was one of those people who was anti-social media. I considered myself to be a very private person who felt that sharing my personal life with the world was not necessary. To some extent I still feel that way. My private life is reserved for those people who know me intimately. There is a case to be made however for my art. Creating paintings and making art is a very private act. The artist needs solitude to be able to listen to his heart. Exploring the inner workings of the heart and mind, body and soul is something that is profoundly sacred. This has always been a fundamental truth for artists and in my opinion has value worth sharing with the world. So it went that I received  a visit with a friend about two years ago who at the time was very much interested in my studio practice. He asked if I would be willing to work on a project with him that would entail us creating   an indoor mural inside an old skylight. The project would culminate with a pop up show in this somewhat alternative space. After having attended one of his art openings about a month earlier I was already beginning to reevaluate my contribution to the world through my art. I had multiple bodies of work which had never been shown but which I felt were strong enough to be considered a solid foundation for where I wanted my work to go. The show was successful. People came out and I even sold two small paintings. Here it was. An event which allowed me to propel myself forward into the “art game” for lack of a better term. Fast forward two years later. Pop-up after pop-up and group show after group show, I continue to build my inventory and develop my brand as a visual artist. Social media is helping me expand my reach. The private aspect of my life still remains private for the most part but now there are multiple platforms for me to share my work as well as the story of my journey. Opportunities arise and I embrace every single one of them.  Starting this blog  is a testament in a ways to my desire to put myself out there more. My audience will in time begin to develop a sense of who I am beyond my paintings. A bridge will be made between who I was and what I am becoming.